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N.A.S. Capital LLC (“NAS”) is a limited liability company with principal place of business in Portsmouth, NH. NAS is registered as an investment adviser in the state of New Hampshire and may be required to register in other jurisdictions where it does business in the future. Registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state securities authority does not imply a certain level of skill or training.  This website is intended only for persons in jurisdictions where NAS is authorized to provide investment advice, and no content should be construed as an offer to provide investment advisory services in any location where such offer would be unlawful. Moreover, provision of information about NAS’s services does not constitute an offer to provide investment advisory services. Such offer can be made only by means of a written advisory agreement. No content herein should be viewed as advice regarding the value of any security or the advisability of investing in, purchasing, or selling securities.  Published material in written reports and on the blog is not intended to be investment advice and should under no circumstance be considered a recommendation to take action with respect to any security or commodity interest. NAS, its principals, and its clients may hold positions in such securities, and NAS may trade without informing readers. Investing involves risks and may result in the loss of some or all of the principal invested. Before investing, prospective clients should consider their investment objectives and the costs and risks associated with NAS’s investment program.  Investments are not FDIC insured and may lose value. Past performance may not be indicative of future results.